28. sep. 2017
70 581 Ogledi

We are actually the worst PUBG duo of all time, don't listen to the title, we're awful.
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ES_Pet Animals 2 - Magnus Ringblom
Nintendo Dsi Shop Theme
Nintendo 3DS Music - Mii Maker
(Outro) High Hopes - Johan Borjesson

  • Br u

    Memphis LarsonMemphis LarsonPred 6 dnevi
  • Great Video Mr.Carson!

    GodGodPred 4 meseci
  • Wow, 2020 is weird

    JacksonBuilt14JacksonBuilt14Pred 4 meseci
  • he clearly likes it

    Xue HuaXue HuaPred 5 meseci
  • 🚗 son

    Zaya GreyZaya GreyPred 5 meseci
  • This is probably my favorite vid from Carson

    Zaya GreyZaya GreyPred 5 meseci
  • recover well king

    OblivianPlayzOblivianPlayzPred 7 meseci
  • Haha old

    THE FUBTHE FUBPred 10 meseci
  • I kinda see why pub g got mad at fortnite

    LilSkimmilk504LilSkimmilk504Pred letom
  • Lmaoo

    _anoja31__anoja31_Pred letom
  • holy shit this video isnt even that old, carson got big quick

    Sam SniffleSam SnifflePred letom
  • This was Carson by far another epic video. All I can say is thank thank thank you so much for this wonderful video

    ZimthoseZimthosePred letom
  • Oh... my.... God... THE HAIR

    O GaúchoO GaúchoPred letom
  • dont subscribe to Josh

    ArtManArtManPred letom
  • Underrated video

    Ethan K.Ethan K.Pred letom
  • whos the cute trans girl in the webcam and how can i get her details?

    w4rr10r11w4rr10r11Pred letom
  • Uganda knuckles 2016

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • Is this faze banks?

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • Use code cscoop when buying v-bucks @cscoop

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • The god

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • I'm just going to comment a lot

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • I love how the camera angle has changed over the months

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • Bro what's the hit price on the smp bros

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • This is belongs in a museum

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • Shmelly

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • Did you dye thy hair pink

    Owen C.Owen C.Pred letom
  • only Fruit Pig

    JaxonJaxonPred letom
  • ooga boooga

    2Faced_Disgrace2Faced_DisgracePred letom
  • I smell bad? But I took a shower

    Mystic 365Mystic 365Pred letom
  • Carson is so fucking adorable

    Kayla BKayla BPred letom
  • now i have yes play super mario bros.

    brrapbrrapPred letom
  • I'm already trucer

    Damian CadyDamian CadyPred 2 leti
  • he clearly likes it

    Jog ClemsonJog ClemsonPred 2 leti
  • intro music?

    lollolPred 2 leti
  • Subscribe to raccooneggs

    I dont know why i am hereI dont know why i am herePred 2 leti
  • Siamese solos

    Thumb drumThumb drumPred 2 leti
  • 24 comment on a soon to be huge channel

    NinjaKing.NinjaKing.Pred 2 leti
    • You were correct

      Harlando naHarlando naPred letom
    • You fucking knew it

      Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • oh no

    YandereYanderePred 2 leti
  • 303 content found

    gamerdude111 1gamerdude111 1Pred 2 leti
  • Carson r u a weeaboo

    X3 d4rkX3 d4rkPred 2 leti
  • Holy shit Carson congrats on 100k!!!

    G WoodG WoodPred 2 leti
    • 3mil now

      Erik MarshallErik MarshallPred 3 meseci
    • @Crispy sauce 2.99m now

      Viesturs JuškevicsViesturs JuškevicsPred 3 meseci
    • 2.39mill now

      Crispy sauceCrispy saucePred 11 meseci
    • I remember that scary time before 100k. We’ve come so far ;)

      CarsonCarsonPred letom
    • it’s now 1.7 million

      MoonazineMoonazinePred letom
  • anybody else get the farming simulator 19 trailer? it looks 10x more badass than anything at e3

    milmech43milmech43Pred 2 leti
    • milmech43 hell yeah

      The GodfatherThe GodfatherPred 2 leti
  • You are very attractive

    Pstain KrustyPstain KrustyPred 2 leti
  • 10/10 pink hair

    GeorgeGeorgePred 3 leti
  • I do love my senpai CallMeCarson. I will insert this comment in each video because I have tourettes after watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Anime Edition without masturbating.

    Ppi ZambaPpi ZambaPred 3 leti
  • Wow average quality content new best

    jstokes001jstokes001Pred 3 leti
  • when did the shit vids stop?

    Happy CamperHappy CamperPred 3 leti

    Subscribe to Call Me CarsonSubscribe to Call Me CarsonPred 3 leti
    • bro rangiku thic

      westin Lemonaidwestin LemonaidPred letom
  • Yes pubg is a special place just like you are a special boy

    mb artsmb artsPred 3 leti
  • Do you have purple hair or is it the bad quality of your cam?

    KORNUIT.KORNUIT.Pred 3 leti
    • @CallMeCarson hey carson! tell racc we want him bacc

      forkda crab32forkda crab32Pred 5 meseci
    • CallMeCarson hi dad

      MoriMoriPred 2 leti
    • Camera + I was messing with saturation for fun

      CallMeCarsonCallMeCarsonPred 3 leti
  • that's how josh drives in real life

    Jack AllenJack AllenPred 3 leti
  • Doesnt play with me, doesnt let me use his phone for yahoo answers, why do I pay this man to be friends with me anymore?

    BoCamperBoCamperPred 3 leti
  • Heyy that's pretty good.

    SablePillow 7SablePillow 7Pred 3 leti