Social Security Number Reveal

29. jun. 2017
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You're welcome.
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In all seriousness, thank you all a ton for 6000 subscribers. I don't hit milestones very often, so when I do I get really excited. I'll have some much better content coming out very soon for you guys.

  • You would be safe revealing your social security number because nobody would want to pretend to be you.

    LangutopLangutopPred 3 leti

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    • You really got him good man

      DoniDoniPred 5 meseci
    • And now he’s depressed:|

      AlmightyMADAlmightyMADPred 8 meseci
    • you roasted him

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    • Well fuck

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  • Haha lol

    Jacob GoodwinJacob GoodwinPred 4 dnevi
  • cool but when is the next overwatch puns video?

    ChefSyxOWChefSyxOWPred 11 dnevi
  • i like the doge picture you made in sophmore year

    Brian ReynoldsBrian ReynoldsPred mesecem
  • Thanks for the social number I've got everything I need to get citizenship now

    AIO inc.AIO inc.Pred 3 meseci
  • sh hijnixunneubeyubx xuidnuienxj uns. nodinciuncfnpiamhab= ddiunbdi cneij di xndoundd idh

    Sana ZaringaSana ZaringaPred 3 meseci
  • Time travel is real.

    Isaac JohnsonIsaac JohnsonPred 3 meseci
  • I want him to remake this.

    Isaac JohnsonIsaac JohnsonPred 3 meseci
  • Amazing Video Mr.Carson!

    GodGodPred 4 meseci
  • I can’t he showed us his social security number! Whoa!

    Geazy BreezyGeazy BreezyPred 5 meseci
  • Hey carksom I love you and this is your least viewed video

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  • Why in the hell is there Ice Mountain Spring water... Like EWW disgusting, like do you have any taste... you must not have any taste... you big boomerang, ill swing you around.

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  • I love this video

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  • 101st comment

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  • Congrats on 6k subs Carson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • This video is why I got banned from the callmecarson discord

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  • And now he has 2.78 subs

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  • Carson’s content is timeless

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  • Bruh

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  • Im here in 2019 lmaooo

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  • Bruh momentum

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  • Thats a bruh moment

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  • Merch

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  • I love rewatching this video for the nostalgia

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  • Junky Jankers is the idiot that would show his social security number

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  • you are a famous minecraft youtuber now

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  • incredible

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  • Why am i here

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  • damn

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  • I actually knew there was going to be a joke, and the joke was good.

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  • wow

    ry :]ry :]Pred letom
  • This is ironic now

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  • Still waiting

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  • Carson Carson Carson Carson Carson thank you this was epic funny you got me so good I really fell for it hahaha so epic ok

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  • The beginning of this video aged very well

    Gabriel RodriguezGabriel RodriguezPred letom
  • Holy cow your channel grew fast

    Macy ShillerMacy ShillerPred letom
  • This is his least viewed video. So basically everyone watching this is a super fan.

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  • im scrolling through all his videos and i find this title

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  • Well he isn't wrong, he did get famous for playing minecraft

    EpicalEpicalPred letom
    • He actually got famous for his deviant art is not safe videos and his wierd people on discord videos

      Matthew CochranMatthew CochranPred 3 meseci
  • This man is a legend.

    ConnordoreConnordorePred letom
  • What’s funny is that he is now a famous Minecraft streamer.

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  • Fuck

    Jon ZmudaJon ZmudaPred letom
  • Who knew 1 year ago he had 6000, subs and know he has at least 6000 more

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  • Wowwowowow, very ebic carb scone

    this is definitely a humanthis is definitely a humanPred letom
  • where's petscop 2

  • In one year you went from 6k subs to 1.2mil

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  • 1000000 subscribers in a year with these top notch zingers

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  • 1 year ago 6k. Now 1 mil in a year. Legit. Just now he hit it lol congratz m8.

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    • Brenden Harley no he’s just funny and deserves it all

      Shrek WesShrek WesPred letom
    • Sub bot

      Brenden HarleyBrenden HarleyPred letom
    • @Return3 I remember finding his channel, I miss the good old days, but I’m proud of this man for his accomplishments

      Shrek WesShrek WesPred letom
  • Real gud vid 👌

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  • Im gonna steal your identity BRB

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  • Why doesn’t this have more views?? Its a true masterpiece.

    Lil Sketti-OLil Sketti-OPred 2 leti
  • I’d rather have your credit card number, the 3 digits on the back and the expiration date

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  • Holy crap, how in the world does this video only have 3k views? Like, what turn of events led to this video being this way.

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  • 2018 niggas like my comment or die of sewer side

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  • @gr18vidz14kidz this is a great start to the movement! Only Jake Paul can top this! #jakepaulrevealyoursocialsecuritynumber

    Jack BrandesJack BrandesPred 2 leti
  • Carson, you are gonna be my write-in vote next election

    BlunchablesBlunchablesPred 2 leti

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  • u are so big time fake un-sub no more me on this channel

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  • Much joke 10/10

  • It's fine m8, social security numbers aren't that secure anyways.

    GamesationalGamesationalPred 3 leti
  • why do i watch this shit? someone help me please. I am desperate.

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  • wow he actually did it

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  • 5998 subscribers

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  • well rip 6k

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  • i subbed because we have the same name and i regret nothing

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  • Annn this is were i unsub

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  • Hi I am tehminja I best SLworlds thank you subscribe

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  • Why did you lie carl

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  • are you watching yourself on your phone

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    • I'm watching this on mobile

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  • Can you do a triangle reveal at 10k? That would be sick.

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  • .Its a good thing you showed your SSN so that kidnappers and robbers can find your info and make sure not to rob you out of pity Kappa.

    KaiKaiPred 3 leti
  • Man I didn't think you remembered that tweet This is proof that Carson cares about the fans Carson for president 2012

    itsY3HitsY3HPred 3 leti
    • Donald trumps number is 2016 lol

      Return3Return3Pred letom
    • @CallMeCarson I can't believe you only had 6000 subs only a year ago

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    • my apologies

      CallMeCarsonCallMeCarsonPred 3 leti
    • And also it was a tweet not a comment

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  • are you using a toilet paper roll as a pencil holder?

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    • what of it

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  • the_south_will_rise_again

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  • I was one of your subscribers!!!!

    SablePillow 7SablePillow 7Pred 3 leti
    • Purple Here that was me young man. And carson had wall hacks on as a joke and was trying to be blatant to see if you'd notice. Then I tried to nudge you and it didn't work.

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    • proud of you

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  • been waiting for this

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  • I WAS YOUR 6,000TH SUBSCRIBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • @Coach Steve yeap, thats it

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    • No u

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  • you're the worst youtuber

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    • fuck you Gage

    • *your

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    • pin this

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  • Unsub ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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  • its 12 am carson

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    • Execurr it's 6:33 and i still haven't slept... What am I doing whit my life.

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    • yeah carson it's 12 am

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