26. dec. 2017
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♦ Making my friends mad never gets old.
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Song used: Rameses B - Star Wars
Angering my friend in a Star Wars game

  • I've been a big fan of my boi Carson for about a year now, how have I not known that this legend of a man played this legendary game

    Dylan KnightDylan KnightPred 3 meseci
  • What happened to your content carson, as a fellow carson i am dissappointed

    Happyslap2o •Happyslap2o •Pred 3 meseci
  • Great Video Mr.Carson!

    GodGodPred 4 meseci
  • This is quite strange watching this now

    NavyBluStickNavyBluStickPred 5 meseci
  • Still love this vid so much.

    reid lindseyreid lindseyPred 6 meseci
  • This is so gay.

    Soup SackSoup SackPred 9 meseci
  • Is this the fist time we met josh on this channel

    Meyer1128Meyer1128Pred 9 meseci
  • Carful young josh, fear leads to hate and hate, leads to suffering.

    BriskoBriskoPred 10 meseci
  • Wow this was really only 2 years ago wth

    sokyu nosokyu noPred 10 meseci
    • Fr it feels like it's been forever. They grow up so fast.

      EJMediaEJMediaPred 7 meseci
  • how you do the get the red stormpooper?

    St opSt opPred 11 meseci
  • lmao carson mentioned this vid in his latest jedi fallen order stream

    elian ljelian ljPred letom
  • This is so weird now

    f Didn't laughf Didn't laughPred letom
  • Ok Carson

    fe geimepraysfe geimepraysPred letom
  • Carson is a doink!

    Treborx4Treborx4Pred letom
  • We NEED more QUALITY content like this.

    ViridiViridiPred letom
  • I dont know about you. But that sounds like a broken man

    EncodedEncodedPred letom
  • I thought that said porn rage

    HauntedDragonGamingHauntedDragonGamingPred letom
  • this is my favorite callmecarson video

    UnitStormUnitStormPred letom
  • The roots of a champion

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • Le mad

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom
  • What is the mod

    DiamondCloneDiamondClonePred letom
  • I’m gonna is the summer day to be summer for a year or a half day and then a year of playing this summer and enjoy the day with the carnival or a girl who can be the full version and subscribe to a channel channel and enjoy the day of summer summer days 😂 I don’t even kno

    ProjeX OfficialProjeX OfficialPred letom
  • This is torture

    GodDammitCraigGodDammitCraigPred 2 leti
  • This is torture

    GodDammitCraigGodDammitCraigPred 2 leti
  • Oh the poor baby child

    SkimbiSkimbiPred 2 leti
  • Yep, about how it feels to even try multiplayer on these games

    Taliesin TrzellTaliesin TrzellPred 2 leti
  • I just bought this on Xbox one lol this shit is a rage fest

    davante barbaindavante barbainPred 2 leti
  • damb

    MonkeyNamedZamMonkeyNamedZamPred 2 leti
  • Hey! CallMeCarson! I now know you have JKA due to this video, so I would like to suggest you get the MovieBattles 2 Mod. Its alot more fun than base JKA and can suit alot of your troll antics ;). It has a dueling mode which is saber vs saber combat, and “open” mode which allows all classes, saber, and gunner. I would really like to see you screw with these guys, its a salt haven for trolls like yourself. Please give it a go! Thanks!

    Colin BColin BPred 2 leti
  • Ahh man I love this game!! I used to be super competitive when the multi-player was still a thing. I know that mb2 is still keeping it alive but I'm talking about vanilla too. What I wouldn't give to have just one more match against real people instead of bots...

    Omicron LyraeOmicron LyraePred 2 leti
  • Awww poor josh

    Spencer RutterSpencer RutterPred 2 leti
  • Play Star Wars Battlefront 2 classic 2005

    Johnny_SuspiciousJohnny_SuspiciousPred 2 leti
  • Is this fortnite?

    The Meme BorrowerThe Meme BorrowerPred 2 leti
  • Rage leads to the dark side. Don't feed that emot...wait...oh..

    Borna RadoševićBorna RadoševićPred 2 leti
  • josh is actually rosh

    rustygroceriesrustygroceriesPred 2 leti
    • Doritos

      beeg yoshibeeg yoshiPred 7 meseci
    • 'rawsh

      Ruby AuneRuby AunePred letom
    • rustygroceries lmao

      TalentZTalentZPred 2 leti
  • This deserves way more views. It's only got 5k

    CalvinCalvinPred 2 leti
  • rip in peace controller

    JokeslyJokeslyPred 2 leti
    • Jokesly you mean keyboard and mouse

      Young but RetroYoung but RetroPred 2 leti
  • your a dick

    RamiereRamierePred 2 leti
    • oh gotcha

      CallMeCarsonCallMeCarsonPred 2 leti
    • nah, it's one of my best friends, all in good fun

      CallMeCarsonCallMeCarsonPred 2 leti
  • Rip Josh

    The Kid From Iron-Man 2The Kid From Iron-Man 2Pred 2 leti
  • I can smell the Broken keys on his keyboard

    CuelloCuelloPred 2 leti
  • Dood..

    PowwwerrPowwwerrPred 2 leti
  • Hey what would it take for you to comment on this comment

    Big BallsBig BallsPred 2 leti
    • not much

      Frog RedstarFrog RedstarPred letom
  • How can you play online?

    Teo BazanTeo BazanPred 2 leti
    • On Xbox one too

      davante barbaindavante barbainPred 2 leti
    • teooman _23 the servers are still up

      Young but RetroYoung but RetroPred 2 leti
  • Josh Disliked this video :D

    TigrovicaTigrovicaPred 2 leti
  • I like how your version of amazing opportunity is recording a decade old Star Wars game and fucking over a fat white man

    EliTehGhoulEliTehGhoulPred 2 leti
    • JAwsh but are you cute?

      EliTehGhoulEliTehGhoulPred 2 leti
  • easiest man to anger in existance

    Maxwell MacDonaldMaxwell MacDonaldPred 2 leti
  • poor josh

    ExciVousExciVousPred 2 leti
  • if carson pins this then everybody gets a special smooch

    HeyItsRitzyHeyItsRitzyPred 2 leti
    • Plz smooch :(

      Arbyand Chief117Arbyand Chief117Pred 9 meseci
    • HeyItsRitzy it’s been 2 years just give me a smooch

      OCTAVIAN420OCTAVIAN420Pred 10 meseci
    • lord it's been a year please pin it i need love and smonches

      Smol FluffSmol FluffPred letom
  • nut on the haters

    KrimxinKrimxinPred 2 leti
  • cool vid i luv it

    JaybrainZJaybrainZPred 2 leti
  • Into the land of salt and dreams he goes

    Humaam SaidHumaam SaidPred 2 leti
  • haha good video

    ExecurrExecurrPred 2 leti
  • The wars in the skies

    The NarratorThe NarratorPred 2 leti
    • @Gamer epic style Just gone

      Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Pred letom