CS:GO's Worst Comedians

4. feb. 2018
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♦ We get more disappointing by the second.
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CS:GO's Worst Comedians - CS:GO Matchmaking Adventures

  • Skippy dinglechalk has entered the game

    Benjamin keyteBenjamin keytePred 4 dnevi
  • I miss racc

    __ Dubeast__ DubeastPred 5 dnevi
  • 🥺 We Miss You Raccooneggs

    MNC100MNC100Pred 5 dnevi
  • Ok!

    IliaIliaPred 5 dnevi
  • Why was this is my recommendations. I enjoyed it. But wth SLworlds lmao

    matthewmatthewPred 6 dnevi
  • Don’t like stan twitter find this one

    Drew The DweeebDrew The DweeebPred 9 dnevi
  • The kid at the end had such a quiet mic, that it sounded like he left his headset on the other side of the room

    BurntToastBurntToastPred 10 dnevi
  • 3:25 You can't quite *bear*

    Sean ¿Sean ¿Pred 15 dnevi
  • I miss vids with Racc ngl. Also love how humor wasn’t so censored as it is now. Still love all the videos Carson makes tho

    tiredmasktiredmaskPred 16 dnevi
  • not awesome

    AlienAlienPred 16 dnevi
  • raccooneggs made this episode for carson.

    SoJuicee !SoJuicee !Pred 19 dnevi
  • This video aged poorly.

    Keith McCarthyKeith McCarthyPred 21 dnevom
    • @Gabriel Cohen A few cancel worthy words that you don't see on SLworlds as often anymore.

      Keith McCarthyKeith McCarthyPred 19 dnevi
    • why?

      Gabriel CohenGabriel CohenPred 19 dnevi
  • I finally got the sink joke.

    Sadgirl MeSadgirl MePred 22 dnevi
  • I have a weird feeling this guy is gonna blow up one day.

    SqzxxySqzxxyPred mesecem
  • Am i the only one who gets this randomly recommended in 2020

    Tim van BaarleTim van BaarlePred mesecem
  • It's sad that the only sandwich that I eat is literally lettuce and honey mustard or olive garden italian dressing in-between bread.

    Polish CowPolish CowPred mesecem
  • don't let the snowflakes find this video

    Kaweigh PlaysKaweigh PlaysPred mesecem
  • 5:09 When my car wont start in the winter

    decaf Raidsdecaf RaidsPred mesecem
  • This does not look like a carson video

    Jaden AllbertJaden AllbertPred mesecem
  • carson would never let jokes like this pass in 2020 lmao

    FarMojoFarMojoPred mesecem
  • once i lose weight im going to use the sunscreen paintroller joke on them

    lobstarlobstarPred 2 meseci

    BravoAlpha101stBravoAlpha101stPred 2 meseci
  • Algorithms is why you are here in 2020

    Cool Minecrafter2010Cool Minecrafter2010Pred 2 meseci
  • racc started the let that sink in joke

    JazhiJazhiPred 2 meseci
  • this is so much better than fitz

    ittybittyrynnieittybittyrynniePred 2 meseci
  • Wors callmefartson episode ever

    William MancusoWilliam MancusoPred 2 meseci
    • worst spelling ever

      DhdjdhdjsudjDhdjdhdjsudjPred mesecem
  • “There are people on this earth that unironically say cool beans” :(

    fullrewritefullrewritePred 2 meseci
  • I miss this carson, far more layed back, not trying as hard to force jokes or anything, shame it just didnt get the views.

    Bread manBread manPred 3 meseci
  • It's so strange not hearing Carson not wheezing at every joke someone says

    Nathan OnsgardNathan OnsgardPred 3 meseci
  • 1:49 it took me 2 years to realize that the "guy" Carson knows who says "cool beans" is actually Pokay

    Rob NGRob NGPred 3 meseci
    • oh?

      BakedBananaBakedBananaPred 7 dnevi
    • I could imagine Poke saying that

      Uncle PhilUncle PhilPred 15 dnevi
    • no its not

      defective pikachudefective pikachuPred mesecem
  • We need more of the dynamic duo

    Jish WonderJish WonderPred 3 meseci
  • He clearly likes it!

    Slav SquatSlav SquatPred 3 meseci
  • Great Job Mr.Carson!

    GodGodPred 4 meseci
  • "Warm beans"

    Ethan_lrdlEthan_lrdlPred 4 meseci
  • I say cool beans unironicly

    Smedwaseen 225Smedwaseen 225Pred 4 meseci
  • This is very sureal. I open the video after watching proof tony the tiger is gay by apandah.

    The Executive Chairman Of Smart WaterThe Executive Chairman Of Smart WaterPred 4 meseci
  • Quality content

    StrongBæckhandStrongBæckhandPred 4 meseci
  • Брух

    big whestbig whestPred 5 meseci
  • my girlfriend left me for raccs voice

    я ненавижу крыс и шляпыя ненавижу крыс и шляпыPred 5 meseci
  • scuffed fitz

    flashflashPred 5 meseci
  • 3:37 surfer noises

    TritaniumTritaniumPred 5 meseci
  • White Racist Cop didn't age well

    Esteban FrancoEsteban FrancoPred 5 meseci
  • After months of not being due to not having a phone anymore. I have returned to your comedic chaos.

    Silky chicken 2.0Silky chicken 2.0Pred 6 meseci
    • Shit. Probably should've checked that before making the comment. Eh. Oh well

      Silky chicken 2.0Silky chicken 2.0Pred 6 meseci
  • Bring these videos back

    Clint KemperClint KemperPred 6 meseci
  • Legend says that sink is still waiting to be let in to this very day.

    MercuryDjinn3MercuryDjinn3Pred 6 meseci
  • That Chris Brown anecdote was gold

    Ronan GuitarRonan GuitarPred 6 meseci
  • icantbreathegodhelp

    Nakai RotellaNakai RotellaPred 7 meseci
  • "CS:GO's Worst Comedians" And players .____.

    A4DA4DPred 7 meseci
  • Pre wheeze carson

    Redjux 1Redjux 1Pred 7 meseci
  • I say cool beans :(

    Amanda PoindexterAmanda PoindexterPred 7 meseci
  • I still to this day... die at spaghetti gargling

    Stamrow BitbudStamrow BitbudPred 7 meseci
  • the hot ones fucking got me good man holy shit

    SkeletorSkeletorPred 7 meseci
  • "Can I get a BLT without the B please?"

    Gary Garcia Jr.Gary Garcia Jr.Pred 8 meseci
  • This age 2

    CIFICCIFICPred 9 meseci
  • “Laughs in Californian”

    Julio CabreraJulio CabreraPred 9 meseci
  • Why does racc sound like text to speech

    Hi ItsEliHi ItsEliPred 9 meseci
  • This is the prequel to wood fired pizza

    carter milescarter milesPred 9 meseci
  • Carson is the type of guy to laugh while saying "Stop laughing"

    Darrie DizonDarrie DizonPred 9 meseci
  • You people are a circus

    Skippy DinglechalkSkippy DinglechalkPred 9 meseci
  • Carson: puts the Super Mario Galaxy Honey Bee Galaxy theme for background music Me: *I see, you are a man of culture as well*

    angry manangry manPred 9 meseci
  • Is that fucking honeycomb galaxy theme song in the background

    Thunderous Y E E TThunderous Y E E TPred 9 meseci
  • Carson is beginning to edit like racc

    Sckozzo __Sckozzo __Pred 11 meseci
  • I say cool beans

    Tac0 PugTac0 PugPred 11 meseci
  • carson: callmecarson son: car

    KuroiShiKuroiShiPred 11 meseci
    • Son of Car

      Bardock RootBardock RootPred 2 meseci
    • EmeAmo Why do you hate them ❤️

      Zuki The BunnyZuki The BunnyPred 2 meseci
    • i hate you ❤

      EmeAmoEmeAmoPred 5 meseci
  • Cool beans

    Steven StakelinSteven StakelinPred 11 meseci
  • I love every time you zoom in on the voice chat it says carson attacked a teammate..

    MattMattPred letom
  • don't you disrespect my cool beans culture

    humandopaminehumandopaminePred letom
  • American and Uk humour is the worst in the world

    Dima DimitrovDima DimitrovPred letom
    • @Dj Tape Скажи пацан ?

      Dima DimitrovDima DimitrovPred letom
    • Bruh

      Dj TapeDj TapePred letom
  • Is this racc’s video or carson’s?

    Matteo BellantuonoMatteo BellantuonoPred letom
  • Hng funny

    Fade WizardFade WizardPred letom
  • Why the fuck are their Christmas ads when I haven't even failed no nut November

    drink waterdrink waterPred letom
  • 2:17 I can’t stop laughing and I hate it

    The ParrotThe ParrotPred letom
  • why they gotta say the f slur :( lit rally they’d be so funny n great if they weren’t homophobic

    poopy fartpoopy fartPred letom
  • no please i started saying cool beans ironically and now i can’t stop someone save me

    Sophie CrossSophie CrossPred letom
  • Wood fired pizza.

    Merzbow ain’t sound that good.Merzbow ain’t sound that good.Pred letom
  • CS:GOs worst comedians more like RacoonEggs roasting people

    Bread QueenBread QueenPred letom
  • why is this in my recommended, i’m not complaining

    VeepterVeepterPred letom
  • I can say I was here before one million views.

    Amber HernandezAmber HernandezPred letom
  • Wow I'm the one millionth view

    Gleb FirstovGleb FirstovPred letom
  • okay c4rs0n

    The might be goodThe might be goodPred letom
  • Who you?

    AryanAryanPred letom
  • He said nothing the entire video

    Hunter ŌtsutsukiHunter ŌtsutsukiPred letom
  • a

    Slush RushSlush RushPred letom
  • I heard Tony the tiger would be a GREAT boyfriend

    whale facts salesmenwhale facts salesmenPred letom
  • I’m crying 🤣

    BosleyBeatsBosleyBeatsPred letom
  • when you realize this isn’t a racc video

    Durgen CookDurgen CookPred letom
  • Que chuchaaaaaaaa, porque esta el piñera en la miniaturaaaaa

    Jotate 21Jotate 21Pred letom
  • He clearly likes it!!!

    MagsPieMagsPiePred letom
  • I though this was a fits video for a second

  • Carson sounds so different

    MonricMonricPred letom
  • bruh

    Johnny U. FilmsJohnny U. FilmsPred letom
  • Anyone else impressed by carson’s gameplay?

    ChefChefPred letom
  • cool beans wait i say that wtf

    alagaitors are scaryalagaitors are scaryPred letom
  • This video was un-scripted

    Shark •Shark •Pred letom
  • Cool Beans

    Akrius FinchAkrius FinchPred letom
  • i had to turn on the fucking subtitles for when racc made that joke at 1:48

    DRugSDRugSPred letom
  • i got an arthritis ad

    tooth pastetooth pastePred letom
  • man this humour is dry but i guess their american after all *basic*

    BenzerkatvBenzerkatvPred letom
  • So I was in the backseat of a car last night. And there was this sign, it said "wood fired pizza" and I said wood fired pizza? How's pizza supposed to get a job now?

    Eli WaltersEli WaltersPred letom
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      The Rad RocketeerThe Rad RocketeerPred 7 meseci
    • DL my man's having an existential crisis over here lmfao

      lσƒєєlσƒєєPred 10 meseci
    • Boardwalk burgers

      Fatt DamonFatt DamonPred letom
    • No. Please no. Im sick of this joke. This is too much. Its not funny. Its really not. ITS NOT FUNNY! ITS NOT!

      DLDLPred letom
  • Cool Beans

    TylerTylerPred letom