I'd like you to meet my brother...

20. nov. 2017
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Grentley's pretty cool besides being so stupid.

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  • *One Meme To Rule Them All* A Brief History Of "Grentley" A beautifully crafted character, Grentley was first introduced to the public on November 20th, 2017. He immediately won the hearts of many Americans, as he earned viral popularity all over the interwebs. Many found both his vast stupidity and deeply flawed psyche relatable as the clumsy ignoramus in all of us. We sat down with Grentley character creator and genius, CallMeCarson, and discussed his work. It has been one year now since the original creation of Grentley, and the girth of Carson's neck has finally surpassed that of his head. He has finally taken his final form as a potato. When asked, "What does Grentley, as a character, mean to you, and what was your purpose for his creation?", Carson replied with a stoner's smirk, saying "Well ever since I was a young boy, I always wanted to create a truly crispy meme. One that could go down as one of the greats. After years of research, studying the very depths of both human behavior and pop culture, I realized I was missing something in my formula. I was going at it from a more sophisticated angle, and yet, all I needed was a lovable character with a stupid name and a stupid brain. One that would consistently make mistakes and misunderstand terms and customs in our everyday lives." Now we all know Jared. Jared's hatred for Grentley has upset us all from day one, cutting deep into the core beliefs of every American. Unfortunately, as harassment and death threats grew more and more extreme, Jared took his own life merely 3 months ago by hurling himself off a cliff (wtf am I doing this is getting dark). We asked Carson about the incident, but he was very close with Jared. Collapsing into tears, Carson decided to unfortunately end the interview there, and left the room. It is not known if Carson was engaged in a homosexul relationship with Jared, but rumours have arisen on numerous occasions suggesting this. The art and drama of meme culture aside, Grentley has brought joy to millions of Americans, and as we did not get the chance during the interview, we would like to formally thank CallMeCarson for his brilliant creation. A genius portrait of stupidity and humor, Grentley will no doubt go down in history as one of America's greatest accomplishments. - A New York Times Article November 20th, 2018

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  • Hows grentley doing in 2020?

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  • This video gives off a unique vibe the likes of which had never before been seen on carson's channel, and was never seen again

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  • Grentley came into my work at 2pm on a weekday to tell me "The shoe is on the other foot." And left. I didn't know what he meant until later that night. I found out when I went home that he broke into my house and raided my closet and stuffed plastic mannequin feet into my shoes.

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  • He looks like a sith overlord in the intro

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  • this is like a shitty yo mama joke

  • March 3rd 2018

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  • He doesn’t know what the day is and he hasn’t since 2012...

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  • is grently doing okay? i know like it's been a year but im worried. is grently okay? is he still alive? has grently gone bankrupt and is homeless? would carson help poor grently? does anyone even know if grently is okay?????

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  • I can barely tell the difference

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  • Thank you Carson so much I learned a lot about grently and I am so thankful please this was epic ok so make more content thanks

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  • it’s 05/02/2019. almost one year since grentley took heavens little angel from us

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  • This was the very first video I watched by Carson and I took it very seriously and not as a joke and after watching it I was so confused.

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  • I’m from the future and don’t be afraid about the picture

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  • Firstly who the fuck calls their child Grently Like they met up with the Bentley company and was like “hey can I copy your name (for my child)” and they where like ok but change it so I don’t sue u for coping my company name

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