Frosted Flakes Food Review

3. jun. 2016
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  • He clearly likes it!

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  • Haha lol

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  • cool but when is the next overwatch puns video?

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  • s

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  • Carson what the fuck is this??

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  • This is so informative I never knew how to eat these

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  • I miss his old content like this. Take me back!

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  • Funny channel ever old days, and hope for shout-out, been watching your videos alot enjoy

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  • The server isn’t lagging , you are

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  • why is this being recommended now

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  • Thank you Carson very cool!

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  • Yum

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  • Carson has been out of vid ideas for so long

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  • Thats a nice chair

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  • yes

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  • Thanks! Review was very helpful!

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  • this is the beginning of modern day carson

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  • thank you carson, very cool

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  • who disliked this video

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  • flakes

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  • lol

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  • Haha, Frosted Flakes

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  • Fucker ate flakes

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  • My wife left because of this video

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  • He clearly likes it!

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  • you forgot the ice cubes

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  • Cereal when no milk??

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  • I never got into frosted flakes

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  • the start of a journey

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  • Yall ever just looks into your recommended only to see a callmecarson video from 4 years ao?

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  • Cereal when has no milk

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  • Frosted bruh

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  • He really likes it

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  • How great Carson godamn it I need to know

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  • this is the content we need in 2020. bring it back carson.

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  • This is the type of content I subbed for

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    • Yep! Lol

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  • When cereal haves no milk

  • look at you

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  • Cereal when no milk

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  • carson is a legend

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  • "They're great"

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  • Running on empty, Food review

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  • A gamer and a food critic ¿

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  • "a quick crunch, out of this frosted flakes" -Carson 2016

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  • he was at peak comedy and he didn't know it yet

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  • based

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  • He clear- god dammit like five other people have already... whatever.

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  • Thamk four revew carson

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  • It took him a whole year to make this review, cut him some slack

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    • Cut him some schlatt

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  • Thanks Carson

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  • Hello Carson

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  • Thank you carson

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  • This joke is far too unappreciated. I did not see it coming

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  • I just had some of these and I agree fully

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  • What the fuck is wrong with you. You just ate dry crusty ass cereal

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  • *left beef gang has entered the chat*

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  • CRONCH- oh I dropped one.

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  • Why does no one talk about FamicomBox?

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  • if you ever come back from your break please just be a cereal review channel

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  • He clearly likes it

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  • They need to remove several R’s from GRRREAT since they’ve been changed to lightly frosted. Or maybe they need to change the name to “Lightly Frosted Flakes” or maybe even remove the word “Frosted” from the name since you can’t even see the damn frosting like you once used to. I know. they’ve claimed this is a healthier version but I don’t think they had health in mind. I believe it was a scheme to save some money by cutting back on their main delicious ingredient which was that darn good white crispy frosting which you could see on each individual flake. These suck now.

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  • He really hasnt changed

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  • category : gaming

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  • I love your videos man!

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  • Alright today guys im going to be reviewing this video by CallMeCarson It's Great

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  • Category: *GAMING*

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  • Fnaf? More like fucker never ate flakes

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  • He

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  • Tony tiger is flake

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  • Why does his voice almost sound the same as now

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  • Yhanks im hungry now

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  • Uh oh...crunchy

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  • FNAF? More like fucker never ate flakes

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  • his voice is oddly the same as it is now, just a bit happier

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  • I'm going through the archives of Carson's old videos to try and find the moment where he snapped

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    • Found it yet?

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  • Category:gaming

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  • This video is comedic gold

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  • hE cLEARLY lIKES iT1

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  • Category: *Gaming* EDIT: oh no help other people said same thing

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  • He clearly likes it?

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  • This video is pure gold

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  • Fucker Never Ate Flakes

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  • Category: *Gaming*

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    • gameing

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    • Holy shit. Obama?

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  • Really Carson? Eating cereal with no milk??!

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  • He very clearly likes it!

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  • Quick crunch 🤤

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  • this should be in a museum

  • My god

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  • Yes

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  • these old videos make me laugh way more than the new ones

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  • category gaming

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  • Callmecarson is a complete gangstah

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  • WhEn CeReAl HaS nO mAlK

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  • Dropping humour standards day by day.

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  • By Kellogs By Tony The Tiger

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  • Cereal when no milk moment

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  • This channel is so amazing, not a single video does not has milk

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  • when cereal no haves milk

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  • yes little Carson