Best of CallMeCarson (1 mil special)

20. mar. 2019
12 891 592 Ogledi

Thank you so much for 1,000,000! This is the best of my videos from the last year. Hope you enjoy!
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Best of CallMeCarson (1 mil special)

  • Pls carson ive been watching since 40k i just want you to come back

    KexlosKexlosPred 3 dnevi
  • :| the times |:

    Anti SkkitleAnti SkkitlePred 4 dnevi
  • We miss you man come back

    Noah NimsNoah NimsPred 5 dnevi
  • The good times boys, we’ve come to revive just a bit of hope

    Minty CactusMinty CactusPred 5 dnevi
  • what kind of crack is in this video i have never laughed so loud

    Creatively LivingCreatively LivingPred 7 dnevi
  • Come back to us

    I is AnfrewI is AnfrewPred 8 dnevi
  • The good old days before this Covid-19 thing

    Travis Scott's ToothbrushTravis Scott's ToothbrushPred 11 dnevi
    • Yea nothing else happened with carson.

      Zachary PayneZachary PaynePred 8 dnevi
  • Hey........listen.........

    Jaime LopezJaime LopezPred 11 dnevi
  • "This guys alright." - CallMeCarson 4/25/21

    Union of EgoistsUnion of EgoistsPred 12 dnevi
  • 32:49 what video is that?

    NardoNardoPred 13 dnevi
    • @Nardo that caught me off guard

      CallMeCarson ًCallMeCarson ًPred 12 dnevi
    • nvm i am an idiot on bottom left it says the video

      NardoNardoPred 13 dnevi
  • Recommend 2 years later.

    DonaldDonaldPred 14 dnevi
  • i can't believe i had to lose my favorite youtuber/streamer of all time i'm literally so sad about it all

    SamuraiSamuraiPred 16 dnevi
  • I teared up at the start. Ever since the allegations, surfaced people trying to confirm if he is or isn’t a p3d0. We still don’t have verified answers but his content still makes me smile to this day.

    BlackCrystalPinBlackCrystalPinPred 17 dnevi
    • Well he admitted to it and there was proof of the relationship and them communicating. The age gap was never the issue its the fact that she was 17 and asked her for pictures and when he received it, thats when it became a crime because she was underage. Hopefully he can get help and come back better than ever.

      mikeymikeyPred 8 dnevi
  • I miss him so much......

    Infernal106Infernal106Pred 18 dnevi
  • I miss the funny man

    BuhTheBeeBuhTheBeePred 19 dnevi
  • 31:14 😬

    Nightmare InsideNightmare InsidePred 21 dnevom
  • 2:24 he did sound like Donald Duck

    The Official Barrack Obama Makeup ChannelThe Official Barrack Obama Makeup ChannelPred 23 dnevi
  • Very unfun fact: the grooming stuff happened the same month this was uploaded

    Oswald HomolkaOswald HomolkaPred 25 dnevi
  • I wish it was 2019 again

    southnoonsouthnoonPred 29 dnevi
  • Come back lol

    James InghamJames InghamPred mesecem
    • @Oxygen Studios maybe

      blortblortPred 23 dnevi
    • no

      Oxygen StudiosOxygen StudiosPred 26 dnevi
  • i find it funny that jawsh want to buff a top 10-15 character in smash bros and is super annoying and dumb online

    Hydro SSBUHydro SSBUPred mesecem
  • lol I am late but isn't that the Emergency Broadcasting System sound he's talking about @12:36?

    unconTrolLableunconTrolLablePred mesecem
  • sPAIN

    Antdabeast325Antdabeast325Pred mesecem
  • come back carson we need you in times like this

    BrokkrBrokkrPred mesecem
    • @squidboy13 ??

      Ayan SaiyadAyan SaiyadPred 8 urami
    • Get out of that rock you’re living under

      squidboy13squidboy13Pred 26 dnevi
  • Hey carson, are you gonna do a 2 million special?

    oj jooj joPred mesecem
    • yeah he just got it again!!!!!!

      stratsbonelessstratsbonelessPred mesecem
  • 0:44 Thank You for 1m, and then he losses one mil in like 3 mounths

    Markus McEachernMarkus McEachernPred mesecem
  • nah imma jus forget about what happened, he was still the best.

    Zoe DearingZoe DearingPred mesecem
  • :c

    Turbkey SamdwichTurbkey SamdwichPred mesecem
    • :c

      Mich PogMich PogPred mesecem
  • i have this video memorized- word for word. it's 100 percent my most watched video on this godforsaken site. this sucks. i hate it. i hate that i still hate what happened almost three months later. it pains me so much i still enjoy what he made and everyone here... i hate this video is *still* one of my favorite comfort videos. and that's its now become a guilty pleasure. i never wanted to be guilty watching his content. damn it...

    OfficialEtcArtOfficialEtcArtPred mesecem
    • Simple, distance his content from him, and you should start feeling semi better. That's what ive been doing

      Lance 2859Lance 2859Pred mesecem
  • Lol😔

    liamCAliamCAPred mesecem
  • this video alone is the reason i will become a youtuber or whatever is the content creation site when i can start. carson i hope you see this because you are my favorite youtuber to this day and what happened wont change that i hope you are doing well and i hope you come back soon.

    darkk.darkk.Pred mesecem
    • qauckity and penguinz0 the last option

      helphelpPred mesecem
  • I miss him

    TenguYTTenguYTPred mesecem
    • same

      that one guy you knowthat one guy you knowPred mesecem
  • “This didn’t age well” “well this is cringe” “sighs, sorts comments by new” “this aged like milk” “this aged like (enter anything here”

    Mercy of the LivingMercy of the LivingPred mesecem
    • The most overused phrases in 2021 Seriously seeing that shit is just getting annoying now, why are people still but her and bothering Carson about this two years later when it was already resolved in private oh, and I only that people are telling him to go kill himself like that doesn't help anything that just makes him more down and depressed it's time of the community show some positive feedback like forget about the past it's irrelevant what's been done has been done it's time to focus on the present like seriously

      Drake JeffersonDrake JeffersonPred mesecem
  • 1:12:53 sauce for the woman in the bakini

    brr brrbrr brrPred mesecem
  • do you eat pringles with or without the s h e l l

    Nutelasaur *Nutelasaur *Pred mesecem
  • Im here to watch, even though what he did was wrong, but I still just want to laugh.

    Ben DriscollBen DriscollPred mesecem
    • @UV - AL I agree but the girl admitting was a fake Twitter account

      squidboy13squidboy13Pred 26 dnevi
    • @UV - AL he isn't using his mental health is a victim card unlike mini Ladd dead he genuinely has problems and needs to get them sorted out

      Drake JeffersonDrake JeffersonPred mesecem
    • ​@GuitarSoot He didnt "sext" an underaged girl, that is just lies, traves and noah backstabbed him for clout, and there was really no basis as not only the gnome keemstar acknowledged they were allegations, but one of the people who was involved apologized for lying proving that it was most likely a played up joke or lie, i dont know where carson went, i think hes just hiding from the drama probably in a mental health panic.

      UV - ALUV - ALPred mesecem
    • Yeah same, ill always enjoy his content, even now.

      GuitarSootGuitarSootPred mesecem
  • Dont forget to see you're progress, you are at 3 mill as of 2021

    TeAr TrapzTeAr TrapzPred mesecem
  • You disgust me.

    IndigoIndigoPred mesecem
    • @Jessica Hahn 1988 actually I crack myself she was only a month away from 2018 Jesus Christ snowflakes are so terrible

      Drake JeffersonDrake JeffersonPred 26 dnevi
    • @Jessica Hahn 1988 well said well said, correct you she was actually a few months away from 18

      Drake JeffersonDrake JeffersonPred mesecem
    • You disgust me for not allowing a 2nd chance, putting him down more, making him more depressed, and she was 1 year from 18 and she also was a part of talking to him, so it was also her choice, don't blame only Carson, you fucking moron. Have a great day.

      Jessica Hahn 1988Jessica Hahn 1988Pred mesecem
    • As someone that I am very close to was in the same situation that Carson is in, I can firmly say that I hate you. Not because I'm a Carson "Simp", but because you're insulting that person aswell.

      Silas MettsSilas MettsPred mesecem
    • cry about it

      MrMiniCalicoMrMiniCalicoPred mesecem
  • Can't wait for the three million special. Or not I really don't know. Get your health right then address everything

    Matthew FMatthew FPred 2 meseci
  • Honestly I hope he comes back, I don't he'd be the same but I'd like for him to come back

    Joseph SchwartzJoseph SchwartzPred 2 meseci
    • Things will never be the same but I bet if Carson makes a really good response which is probably working on while getting the help he needs I bet a lot of people forgiving at this point it's not even about the drama anymore it's about more is he alive or dead is he recovering? Remember he even rang and Noah after a suicide attempt which is this horrific to even hear that he would try something like that so am I going to want to see I put the drama about the two-year age gets stuff aside I'm more worried about his mental health out of anything

      Drake JeffersonDrake JeffersonPred 14 dnevi
    • @GuitarSoot exactly in fact I'm pretty sure people are starting to not care anymore just want him back and if people still care about what he did like 3 years ago, I'm sorry but you need mental help like for real stop worrying about what he did like three years ago in the past and worry about him now where he needs the most support from his community so that he doesn't try to end his own life because there's like people are just making him more depressed probably

      Drake JeffersonDrake JeffersonPred mesecem
    • Yeah man- i want Carson back, though what he did was wrong i fuckin miss his content

      GuitarSootGuitarSootPred mesecem
  • I miss you cargson

    Aaron MolyneuxAaron MolyneuxPred 2 meseci
  • this video is practically his memorial

    Goob For SenateGoob For SenatePred 2 meseci
  • I feel so heartbroken watching his videos omg

    liahliahPred 2 meseci
  • We will miss Carson ,for now ....

    Rapistalert .430Rapistalert .430Pred 2 meseci
  • Jeez the intro really hits now...

    WilliamWilliamPred 2 meseci
  • Bruh

    jimmydeanman _jimmydeanman _Pred 2 meseci
    • Bruh

      Bro WtfBro WtfPred 2 meseci
    • Bruh

      entertainingyolo eentertainingyolo ePred 2 meseci
    • Bruh

      Jason RandallJason RandallPred 2 meseci
  • This is all we got now since he prolly isn’t ever coming back

    Steven MoodieSteven MoodiePred 2 meseci
    • @Artremas oh he cant comeback as callmecarson i agree with that.

      CumburgerCumburgerPred 2 meseci
    • @Cumburger I just don't think Carson would be up to the challenge. He might start an entirely new channel though, I could see him trying that

      ArtremasArtremasPred 2 meseci
    • @Artremas hard doesnt mean impossible

      CumburgerCumburgerPred 2 meseci
    • @Cumburger everyone has cut ties with him. It'll be difficult to even try

      ArtremasArtremasPred 2 meseci
    • Doubt

      CumburgerCumburgerPred 2 meseci
  • i pain

    Lauren ahahaLauren ahahaPred 2 meseci
  • Please come back the internet misses you

    Yis PintoYis PintoPred 2 meseci
  • The moyai.

    Jacob BarnesJacob BarnesPred 3 meseci
  • 17:50 Is that Thanosaurus?

    Celabro SpaceCelabro SpacePred 3 meseci

    Mister_QuartzMister_QuartzPred 3 meseci
    • RIGHT

      hayley pearcerhayley pearcerPred 3 meseci
  • Nice Job

    Theusualdays !Theusualdays !Pred 3 meseci
  • Make me sad.

    Meliodas 0924Meliodas 0924Pred 3 meseci
  • Can't wait for the next one

    WeaveWeavePred 3 meseci
    • So uhm- who's gonna.. you know uh.. tell em'

      Bro WtfBro WtfPred 2 meseci
    • well....

      hayley pearcerhayley pearcerPred 3 meseci
    • And that's where your wrong

      stupidity sadstupidity sadPred 3 meseci
  • Pain. Just pain.

    Conrad MurrayConrad MurrayPred 3 meseci
    • Without love?

      ArtremasArtremasPred 2 meseci
    • pain.

      Spooky R6Spooky R6Pred 3 meseci
    • pain.

      hayley pearcerhayley pearcerPred 3 meseci
  • sad

    i don't get sleepi don't get sleepPred 3 meseci
  • At least we still have Quackity

    TheJefriSpTheJefriSpPred 3 meseci
    • are you high?

      UV - ALUV - ALPred mesecem
    • don’t jinx it

      hayley pearcerhayley pearcerPred 3 meseci
  • Imma miss this

    jackquidjackquidPred 3 meseci
  • Wai

    Turbkey SamdwichTurbkey SamdwichPred 3 meseci
  • 17:43 The greatest quote to come out of the channel 20:16 Also S tier followed by another amazing clip 22:55 I'm just gonna start marking the best bits. 25:25 and the entire bit after it. 26:30 27:53 Best bit 30:37 31:14 35:00 38:35 and the 2 bits after 41:18 42:10 I'll be back tommorow

    Mr. LMr. LPred 3 meseci
  • 1:00:42 People said that Carson used his power to get nudes from a minor, but this is so much worse of a crime to commit.

    CookieCookiePred 3 meseci
    • Question, how does this quote have anything to do with anything at all they were clearly joking around in fat stop trying to get attention because it's just kind of lame at this point

      Drake JeffersonDrake JeffersonPred mesecem
  • Wow! This guy sure is funny! I hope nothing bad happens in the future!

    Elijah HusselsteinElijah HusselsteinPred 3 meseci
    • Uhhhhhh-

      Teresa RodriguezTeresa RodriguezPred 29 dnevi
    • this didn’t age well

      DiabeetusDiabeetusPred mesecem
    • ._.

      Mcdead McdiedMcdead McdiedPred mesecem
    • i agree!!

      peary !peary !Pred 3 meseci
  • Soon we’re gonna have to congratulate him on hitting a million... again

    Ben PooleBen PoolePred 3 meseci
    • I dont think hes coming back

      Cbros597Cbros597Pred mesecem
    • Hopefully not

      I Like BirdsI Like BirdsPred 3 meseci
  • And if you close your eyes...

    FryceFrycePred 3 meseci
  • god just knowing i watched all these videos hurts it was such a journey and it ended too soon

    AshAshPred 3 meseci
  • I would be lost without any more carson uploads... ive been subbed since 25k... im genuinely scared

    epic noob slayer 69epic noob slayer 69Pred 3 meseci
    • I don't think he'll be back, which is very saddening

      Ayan SaiyadAyan SaiyadPred 8 urami
  • Carson's next video... 1 SUB SPECIAL

    G0DZG0DZPred 4 meseci
  • The way his eyes lit up at 39:39 makes me feel gross knowing what we know now

    CreamySyrupCreamySyrupPred 4 meseci
    • He’s not a pedophile dude he’s just manipulative. His eyes didn’t „light up“ it’s just a joke in the Video u are taking it out of context

      firespykillerfirespykillerPred 3 meseci
    • @Bolota you don't know?

      Jhorel Amós Lura EliasJhorel Amós Lura EliasPred 3 meseci
    • Why

      BolotaBolotaPred 3 meseci
  • back to the times when we thought everything's gonna be all right

    RX777ENRX777ENPred 4 meseci
    • Not really, no

      RX777ENRX777ENPred 3 meseci
    • But do you think everything will be alright though?

      i_twistlessi_twistlessPred 4 meseci
  • This was when it all started :((((

    Birdie Playz / AnimatesBirdie Playz / AnimatesPred 4 meseci
  • this was made when he was talking to the girl :(

    whereswillowhereswilloPred 4 meseci
    • what really?! Dang...

      cut my_life into_pieces _this is_my last_resortcut my_life into_pieces _this is_my last_resortPred 3 meseci
  • i genuinely believe people will forgive him if he comes out with a public statement, he knows what he did was wrong but if he comes out with a statement ppl will forgive him. i really hope he doesn't do something impulsive.

    Jason DeanJason DeanPred 4 meseci
    • @Jason Dean True. That was the case with CJ McCreery, his girlfriend was the manipulative one and framed him for things he didn't do. So I can see your point

      The Legion666The Legion666Pred 3 meseci
    • @Jason Dean assuming the first 17 year old wasnt overreacting, even though she was. Bitch acted like she didn’t want that shit and that she didn’t want anything to with him when it was obvious what her and his intentions were. She was 17, not some stupid ass 12 year old.

      CookieCookiePred 3 meseci
    • @Jason Dean yeah it would be pretty sad to lose Carson as SLworldsr and he pretty much just started

      DaljbDaljbPred 4 meseci
    • I’m not trying to downplay any of the victim’s accusations but I’m worried ppl will jump on the band wagon and make false allegations against him and because majority of the people online see a headline and don’t read the article in depth so they have no clue what’s going on will just side with the victim, I’ve seen it before where ppl just say it happened to them when it didn’t

      Jason DeanJason DeanPred 4 meseci
    • yeah bro he gotta come out wit it pretty fast at this point its getting mad

      Philip JosephPhilip JosephPred 4 meseci
  • Very bad Carson you shouldn’t have done this stuff

    Scientist MilesScientist MilesPred 4 meseci
    • @cut my_life into_pieces _this is_my last_resort where he is the age of consent is 16

      Turbkey SamdwichTurbkey SamdwichPred 3 meseci
    • @Nicky Jensen bruh he sent nudes to an underage girl you shouldn’t support that...

      cut my_life into_pieces _this is_my last_resortcut my_life into_pieces _this is_my last_resortPred 3 meseci
    • @Nicky Jensen dude it’s just a joke he’s not Pedo ok and please watch your language

      Scientist MilesScientist MilesPred 4 meseci
    • Fuck off

      Nicky JensenNicky JensenPred 4 meseci
  • 0:33 I know someone ELSE who is underage

    K BK BPred 4 meseci
    • @K B he regrets it so let him be

      795795Pred 3 meseci
    • @795 first of all not a girl but feel free to assume my gender Second true they were old messages and they weren’t weren’t very far apart in age Third Drama? It’s literally a crime how is that “Dramatic”? Forth she did send the picture true but he used his fame to pressure her Fifth he literally said it was wrong in his messages

      K BK BPred 3 meseci
    • @K B dude that probably fucking drama starting probs a tiktoker stupidass teenage girl is probably 19 by now or turning 19 this year and plus those text messages were 2 years ago and then they’re gonna bring it up now bruh it’s like they want 2021 to be a bad year as it already is oh and ofc you’re on her side because you’re a girl because literally everybody i saw who was on the fucking dumbass girl’s side is a girl oh and that teenage girl she played along too with carson fuck you

      795795Pred 3 meseci
    • @795 still not legal

      K BK BPred 3 meseci
    • @K B he’s not a pedo

      795795Pred 4 meseci
  • 🙁

    Ella SandersElla SandersPred 4 meseci

    MethylphenidateMethylphenidatePred 4 meseci
    • @795 ok well have a nice day man

      Henry CastroHenry CastroPred 3 meseci
    • @Henry Castro i’m mostly negative at all time. so it doesn’t really affect me. if i’m not being negative, i’m chill or just like ‘i don’t know how to explain.

      795795Pred 3 meseci
    • @795 lmfao no need to get mad lmao

      Henry CastroHenry CastroPred 4 meseci
    • YESSIR

      GrayXGrayXPred 4 meseci
    • @Henry Castro I have dumbass it’s everywhere

      795795Pred 4 meseci
  • aww back when everything was fine

    GrontisGrontisPred 4 meseci
    • Not for those girls and Carson, because that was happening when this video was uploaded...

      The Endor VeteranThe Endor VeteranPred 4 meseci
  • This is terribly ironic that I hate it

    FreakFreakPred 4 meseci
  • Pain

    SeaLLioSeaLLioPred 4 meseci
  • Who’s here after the controversy?

    Click Egg Or u badClick Egg Or u badPred 4 meseci
  • Pretty sure people will be here now since this is where the stuff happened

    Bot Dot Exe Stopped WorkingBot Dot Exe Stopped WorkingPred 4 meseci
  • pain. so much pain. i’m literally sobbing

    alice kammingaalice kammingaPred 4 meseci
    • @JustDusty when???? I don't see him bring up his fame in any of the messages

      LevantLevantPred 20 urami
    • @Matthew Antonelli he was 19 and she was 17 so the age doesn’t matter at all the bad part is that he used his power on youtube to manipulate this girl

      JustDustyJustDustyPred 15 dnevi
    • @Matthew Antonelli hey. he did some bad things, but don't make shit up.

      southnoonsouthnoonPred 29 dnevi
    • @dip shit he messaged minors.... when he was 21. I loved Carson too but that’s wrong

      Matthew AntonelliMatthew AntonelliPred mesecem
    • The sadness won’t go away. The cancel creatures of Twitter are ever growing and I hate it

      dip shitdip shitPred mesecem
  • the comment section will change a lot veryy soon

    amandaamandaPred 4 meseci
    • @uhm. Them still making millions isn't okay. Their fans surely include some 10 - 14 year ols too. Disgusts me that Tiktok still didn't delete their accounts and still have millions of followers.

      aryaaryaPred 3 meseci
    • @uhm. I've red them, enough times. I will keep defending him cuz you know what might happen otherwise? He might never return without shit tons of hate. Again, you don't know how long they were talking whith each other. They were in the literal same grade. If she wasn't comfortable with it she should've again just say that, where did you see her say "please stop, I don't want this anymore. It doesn't feel right" once? No where, because she probs was partly enjoying it too. How "vulnerable" she was is a talkable topic. She was turning 18 in a literal month. She was litterally agreeing and going with him 98.9% of the time. He had 7k at the time they started talking I meant. She probally was still going with him because of the fame he had.

      aryaaryaPred 3 meseci
    • @uhm. You can tell it didn't do much with her. She was really pushy herself too, if Sam wasn't comfortable with it she wouldn't have said "I want to keep going". She's in a victim role here. She can say Carson abused her and she would be believed. Carson had 7k at the time that happened, that's not much to me. It is bad how Sams acting like Carson hit her with a car or something. You can just tell from the screenshots that it didn't do much with her. Twitter kids hould just get tf out of businesses of people they barely know. They get pleassure out of seeing people fall that barely did anything. In fact, cancel culture doesn't exist. They cancel Quackity for speaking Spanish but let Tony Lopez and Zoe Laverne (actual child groomers) still make millions and live the good life while Carson and many others have to almost give up their career because the Twitter kids can't ignore it. Like, hello? That's not cancelling, that's being ignorant.

      aryaaryaPred 3 meseci
    • To me the bad part wasnt necessarily the sexting, but the fact that he continued to do it after he told his friends he would stop and they invested so much time into helping him. Schlatt and Josh felt seriously betrayed by Carson when this all finally came out

      Lobster BisqueLobster BisquePred 3 meseci
    • @Pepper Carson was messaging Sam during the end of March and the beginning of April. According to Carson himself, Sam had just turned 17 and Carson turned 20 in May so saying it’s a 2 year age difference is an understatement. It doesn’t matter if Carson was 19, 20, or even 10 it is illegal to exchange nudes with a minor. Carson being the adult should have know that what they were doing was wrong. After telling members of the Lunch Club about these messages, they decided to be good friends by not telling anyone and trying to help Carson change his ways. Carson had told his friends that he was changing and that he hates the person he used, also saying that the last he messaged minors was in Quarter 2019 (Carson was 20 at that time). But it was revealed to the Lunch Club members that Carson hasn’t changed his ways, they cut ties with him. There is evidence of from Schlatt’s “BEST OF JSCHLATT 2020” Carson was either barely in the video or was not in it at all, and also from Carson’s recent videos watching videos with the Lunch Club where it seems like Carson is the only one having fun. There is also another video released by The Narrator who was an old friend of Carson it’s a 1 hour video of him talking about his experience with Carson and how he was treated like shit from. But that’s unrelated to the controversy, so you don’t have to respond to that. In conclusion, Carson has used his platform (whether intended or unintended) the get nudes from his fans and only nudes, Carson has lied to his friends making them believe he has changed (maybe to keep them from calling him out?) and Carson has been an asshole to his former friend, Carson is in the wrong.

      GuyinthemirrorGuyinthemirrorPred 4 meseci
  • i lost it at "MAN EATS A CHILD"

    xarkness on igxarkness on igPred 4 meseci
    • You commented just before it all went down

      The ChazzlerThe ChazzlerPred 4 meseci
    • The last comment before the allegations... i reward you with a like.

      Galaxy LandonGalaxy LandonPred 4 meseci
  • in the intro i'm pretty sure he's looking at a script.

    Brick OfflineBrick OfflinePred 4 meseci

    Ghostly_WorldGhostly_WorldPred 4 meseci
  • I like how that recorder seinfeld video went from 10 views to 100k views

    TechScoutTechScoutPred 4 meseci
  • I'm just gonna say, Frosted Flakes without milk is fucking great man, its like eating popcorn but instead of it being salty, its sweet, its epic

    TechScoutTechScoutPred 4 meseci
  • 0:06

    Netherstar164Netherstar164Pred 4 meseci
  • I like how cooper says again

    Tingle SamaTingle SamaPred 4 meseci
  • What is the game at 31:27

    TheCandleWaxxTheCandleWaxxPred 4 meseci
    • @Maankiezeltje well thats all part of being a gamer brother, its just something you have to deal with, what I do is ignore them and do my own thing but also still make sure to take care of responsibilities, trust its the way to go 👉

      TheCandleWaxxTheCandleWaxxPred 4 meseci
    • Yes

      MaankiezeltjeMaankiezeltjePred 4 meseci
    • @Maankiezeltje yessir that is what I like to hear, your parents or anything get after you for playing too much?

      TheCandleWaxxTheCandleWaxxPred 4 meseci
    • @TheCandleWaxx of course

      MaankiezeltjeMaankiezeltjePred 4 meseci
    • @Maankiezeltje no of course not 😂, but are you a gamer though?

      TheCandleWaxxTheCandleWaxxPred 4 meseci
  • Not the youtube rewind we wanted but the rewind we needed

    Olivia SnowOlivia SnowPred 4 meseci
  • 1:12:25

    RollinRollinPred 4 meseci
  • Bro I’m Top Half Beef

    Joe MamaJoe MamaPred 4 meseci
  • Shave your head Carson you won’t.

    Dxpe_ BobDxpe_ BobPred 4 meseci
  • 21:00

    Some GuySome GuyPred 4 meseci
  • Carsons the white twomad

    Batu UteBatu UtePred 4 meseci
  • xd

    YouSeeBrianYouSeeBrianPred 4 meseci
  • Now this is a banger

    Alex TriggleAlex TrigglePred 4 meseci