Harassing People in VRChat

16. dec. 2017
152 103 Ogledi

♦ I decided harassing people immediately after downloading VRChat was the way to go, and I was right. These poor souls. If you enjoy remember to like and subscribe!
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  • l o w e r s h n o z z

    cataclysmic biscuitcataclysmic biscuitPred 23 dnevi
  • this has less than 200 comments? wow this is an old video.

    I'm Very HungryI'm Very HungryPred mesecem
  • This is Carson at his prime. Like Amazon prime. Did you know that if you link your amazon account to your twitch account you can get Twitch Prime for absolutely free? That way you can support your favorite streamer (Carson) for no cost at all! It's really cool.

    Matthew CochranMatthew CochranPred 3 meseci
  • there needs to be a part 2 to this

    matteatsfood uwumatteatsfood uwuPred 3 meseci
  • why no comments what

    MiaMiaPred 4 meseci
    • oh this is an old video

      MiaMiaPred 4 meseci
  • Great Video Mr.Carson!

    GodGodPred 4 meseci
  • 2.8 million subs later

    The Passassin_72The Passassin_72Pred 5 meseci
  • Can’t wait until this guy blows up

    AbsolutelyCoteAbsolutelyCotePred 5 meseci
  • I wonder how Neko_Senpai43 would feel if she found your videos. Specifically this video.

    Ish SadnezzIsh SadnezzPred 5 meseci
  • I really don't get how she couldn't tell you were joking

    MackleboyMackleboyPred 6 meseci
  • No don’t leave me Come back 🦵🏻ko I need you in my house XD I’m already dying

    Natalya WatsonNatalya WatsonPred 6 meseci
  • i mean i read the title but still

    Bob SpiceymanBob SpiceymanPred 6 meseci
  • He clearly LIKES it!

  • Niko, let’s go bowling

    Fruit WagonFruit WagonPred 7 meseci
  • little did this Carson know that in just two years he would have 2.65 million subs and would be a massive up coming channel!

    Axel ZIMBURGAxel ZIMBURGPred 7 meseci
  • Virtual reality more like VIRGIN reality xD

    Only JustOnly JustPred 8 meseci
  • He clearly like her

    Tricus pidbardTricus pidbardPred 9 meseci
  • this made me fucking cringe so hard

    PikaFan 100PikaFan 100Pred 10 meseci
  • Nekosenpai missed out I mean what if she actually was one the dating show he recently went on

    keep it wrongkeep it wrongPred 11 meseci
  • We have famous japanese gameshow at home

    LoogieLoogiePred 11 meseci
  • It’s been almost 2 years since this has been uploaded, and it’s incredible to see how far Carson has come. I mean, he had 6k subs in this video, now he has two channels that have over 1 million subs. I’m so proud ❤️

    Literal TrashLiteral TrashPred letom
  • The dislikes are currently at 69, I don’t think anybody wants to dislike the video even if they are “haters” because they dare not to disturb the perfect peace.

    CrykenpieCrykenpiePred letom
  • Im sorry carson, i disliked this but it was worth it, it now has 69 dislikes tho.

    Dylan KershawDylan KershawPred letom
  • Neko senpai missed her chance. Now he's at 2mil subs so instead of earning $14 dollars he earns nothing because he gets demonitised.

    Kyle OlivierKyle OlivierPred letom
  • Dude got 1 million subs in under 6 months

    Walrus PuddingWalrus PuddingPred letom
  • clannad is underrated

    venussdanivenussdaniPred letom
  • Neko senpai 43 is regretting not getting with Carson 1.7 mill subs

    Gregory oliverGregory oliverPred letom
  • "I have 6.7k subs" 1 year later... 1.7M subs My man grew more than a million subs in a year

    garfdgarfdPred letom
  • Nekosenpai47 wishes she had become your anime wifu

    Mr NopeMr NopePred letom
  • Every time you say the name "Neko_senpai43" it sounds like you're a robot

    DefaultDefaultPred letom
  • Possibly the smoothest man alive

    Gage WalkerGage WalkerPred letom
  • Little does he know that in a year he will be at 1.6 mil

    Eli GobleEli GoblePred letom
  • pls do vrchat again but let me get it so if i find you we can marry

    gabbyrwoodgabbyrwoodPred letom
    • Gabby W. Be my lovely wedded husband. 💜😁 Please, I need love and internet is the only way for me to find love.

      Stylish B1tchStylish B1tchPred letom
  • 119 comments on this video :,) carson you’ve come so far. i’m glad i’ve been able to watch

    gabbyrwoodgabbyrwoodPred letom
  • Neko senpai 43

    erftverftvPred letom
  • One of the most underrated Carson videos

    Denny CroninDenny CroninPred letom
  • She goes by Neko

    CharlootCharlootPred letom
  • I was hoping he’d say “bwah” very sadly

    MotamentumMotamentumPred letom
  • its a short video but it felt so long i need more of this

    Harvey HansHarvey HansPred letom
  • 2:45

    Harvey HansHarvey HansPred letom
  • Watch as Carson meets a real life murderer

    White ShirtWhite ShirtPred letom
  • 6:25 is that ni no kuni i see?

    gallyhermitcrabgallyhermitcrabPred letom
  • “momiji inubashiri” *_trash detected_*

    Paru PuriParu PuriPred letom
  • that bar is property of ernie gang

    A Spooky Lad musicA Spooky Lad musicPred letom
  • Carson gave them the spook

    NukkeTapNukkeTapPred letom
  • "tell me where you live"

    GraynaticGraynaticPred letom
  • Zachcast

    WerepyreWerepyrePred letom
  • "how big is your wiener" I'm dying

    Night ShiinNight ShiinPred letom
  • Carson its 3:35 am everyone is asleep and im just laying in my bed gasping for air while laughing

    Nate?Nate?Pred letom
  • you sound so dead inside holy shit

    a suspicious lolia suspicious loliPred letom
  • *W H A T T H E F U C K I S T A L K I N G?*

    Quindarious GoochQuindarious GoochPred letom
  • Damn citrus was seriously about to help you murder someone

    Ethan ArrowEthan ArrowPred letom
    • Ethan Arrow on that day someone died

      The Ink DropletThe Ink DropletPred letom
  • Lmao the way you pronounced neko kinda hurt me but that’s just me being a trashy weeb. Yep I know us weebs are trash, as gigguk said “anime is trash and so am I”

    Ethan ArrowEthan ArrowPred letom
  • Javanese

    Just-in K.Just-in K.Pred 2 leti
  • wix.to/_8DnAHE

    Sata PhanSata PhanPred 2 leti
  • You sounded like a lonely robot

  • Wait a sec, YOU AREN'T EVEN IN VR!!!

    ToxieToxiePred 2 leti
    • @XDgamer27 That's the joke

      ToxieToxiePred 4 meseci
    • Toxic Shroom Because he has steam, Has a account, Has it downloaded And it can be played without vr.

      XDgamer27XDgamer27Pred 4 meseci
  • Carson the only dude to go on VR chat and find nothing but normies.

    DeresoluteDeresolutePred 2 leti
  • how big is your lower _schnase_ xDDDDD

    TSFTSFPred 2 leti
  • what the fuck is talking

    shrimpshrimpPred 2 leti
  • I smell Ricegum

  • You fucking creepy fuck

    Emmortal SniperEmmortal SniperPred 2 leti
  • Ainem is gey

    vvjokinenvvjokinenPred 2 leti
  • It’s funny cuz the man is almost at 500k

    Shen CobraShen CobraPred 2 leti
    • It's funny cuz the man has 1.7 Million subs

      David LopezDavid LopezPred letom
  • Yay

    es jonnees jonnePred 2 leti
  • Break her niko niko knees

    HockeyRR 77HockeyRR 77Pred 2 leti
    • Niko Niko kneekaps

      Judah HudsonJudah HudsonPred letom
    • Underrated comment tbh

      ZewpsZewpsPred letom
  • please more😂

  • He clearly likes it!

    manatee koolaidmanatee koolaidPred 2 leti
  • Giving Jameski a fun for his money

    Liz-Otaku-ArtistLiz-Otaku-ArtistPred 2 leti
  • I'll break ur neko neko knee caps

    Autism PowersAutism PowersPred 2 leti
    • I'll break ur anime anime ankles

      NuclearWasteNuclearWastePred 2 leti
  • *n e k o s e n p a i*

    DuckDuckPred 2 leti
  • Now this carson is true content go get an e girl

    Joel CallahanJoel CallahanPred 2 leti
  • NEKO NEKO Senpai neeeeee

    Can of PepsiCan of PepsiPred 2 leti
    • Pepsi max is better

      kayla pearcekayla pearcePred letom
  • It's better than being the bothered people

    Corey BurtonCorey BurtonPred 2 leti
  • If top 15s were in VR chat

    Oliver MatelskeOliver MatelskePred 2 leti
  • Reported for harassment

    DrikazeDrikazePred 2 leti
  • Heres harrasment quit yt! Report this u get counter attacked with a ban

    BlueBerry BMGOBlueBerry BMGOPred 2 leti
  • Yes

    Mr. ManMr. ManPred 2 leti
  • Some People there are just sitting waiting

    StarWickStarWickPred 2 leti
  • He sounds like a AI voice

    jahag kagaujahag kagauPred 2 leti
  • 5:30 is that a porno?

    AlexAlexPred 2 leti
  • I love the username buttpee

    DingirDingirPred 2 leti
  • I got banned from his cult for spamming sub to CallMeCarsom on youtube xD

    why's a dush 2why's a dush 2Pred 2 leti
  • Great vid. I still wish death would welcome me with open arms.

    Liam WoodsLiam WoodsPred 2 leti
  • Tips fedora

    Sean WiblinSean WiblinPred 2 leti
  • ''My favorite japanese show is not anime, it's about korean pop''

    Rhag the DucktleRhag the DucktlePred 2 leti
    • watch as it's just vlive and it's just run bts episodes lol

      MadisonMadisonPred 2 leti
  • Please do more VR stuff its really fujjjjnnygy (i tried tryggging "funny")(i tried typing "typing") my keyhhhboard is broken.

    marlee Loganmarlee LoganPred 2 leti
  • I CallMeCarsoned to subscribe

    Ghostly MemeGhostly MemePred 2 leti
  • This is actually really funny

    Nasty boiiNasty boiiPred 2 leti
  • Neko_Senpai43 plss

    PandaDestroyerVPandaDestroyerVPred 2 leti
  • I am 🍞

    PandaDestroyerVPandaDestroyerVPred 2 leti
  • Why did you do this, this isnt funny

    Dauggo BauggoDauggo BauggoPred 2 leti
    • Doug Onion Head h

      My asshole burnsMy asshole burnsPred 2 leti
    • Doug Onion Head yes it is

      Ben P.Ben P.Pred 2 leti
  • La4cha

    Ava HarrisAva HarrisPred 2 leti
  • Follow me on twitch for more stream shenanigans - www.twitch.tv/callmecarsonlive

    CallMeCarsonCallMeCarsonPred 2 leti
    • **Dabs**

      BR0TH3R TUB3BR0TH3R TUB3Pred 2 leti
  • Yup, bed Ore 11k

    SomixstynSomixstynPred 2 leti
  • More pls

    Jeff'Jeff'Pred 2 leti
  • Can't spell harassing without ass.......anyone?

    • Cant spell success without succ

      ZyximaZyximaPred 2 leti
    • Haraccing

      ATTHET0PATTHET0PPred 2 leti
    • Haring of course

      BlueBerry BMGOBlueBerry BMGOPred 2 leti
    • Assing

      Ben P.Ben P.Pred 2 leti

    LogiixR6LogiixR6Pred 2 leti
  • oh hey I was the lego stormtrooper at the beginning! Nice video, nice job, nice waifu.

    zeoxdragonzeoxdragonPred 2 leti
    • @Kash Henkelman why would carson heart this comment other than him telling the stormtrooper to check out his channel while it was still on its road to success?

      Matthew CochranMatthew CochranPred 3 meseci
    • BrenBone where’s your proof that he’s real

      kash henkkash henkPred 9 meseci
    • @charlotte where's your proof that he's fake?

      BrenBoneBrenBonePred letom
    • thats not a storm trooper thats a beach trooper you cretan

      Catwithanm16Catwithanm16Pred 2 leti
    • @charlotte fake

      ZetairdZetairdPred 2 leti
  • I open this to Carson chasing a clearly underaged girl around a vr server XD GODDAMNIT