Weird Pictures of Toilets 3

29. jun. 2019
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We gathered more pictures of toilets. Thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring today’s video and the channel. Get everything you need for your bathroom needs for just $5
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Weird Pictures of Toilets 3

  • Sorry for the wait for the video! I've been moving into a new place, but I should be good to go now. Also thank you again to dollar shave club for giving me butt wipes. I will use them everywhere.

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    • Nice

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    • y’know?

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    • gughabungha

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    • at 6:06 your neck and chin become one

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    • So when is toilets 4 coming out

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  • I accidentally skipped to 6:10 in the video and I hear Carson say hey duck you want a razor

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  • 1 how did you get a sponsor for this video 2 there are THREE of these?

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  • Woooooo

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  • call me arson

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  • 0:57

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  • BUTT WIPES 💀💀💀

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  • “You know those silly little pranks you used to do in elementary school” No, but not two days ago, someone from my Highschool escaped through the ceiling in the bathroom because the lunch lady took his vape

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  • My homie, why the fuck would you pee in my instrument, the American Baritone

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  • I was drinking choccy milk when watching this

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  • When Josh does the voice its gonna be good

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  • 3:51 I CAN’T 😂🤣💀

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  • I love how when Carson makes a joke, the editors always cut out the few seconds afterwards so we don’t know if it landed or not 1:27 2:20 4:50 8:18 8:48 8:51 10:38

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  • the washing machine over the toilet is there just in case you crap yourself before you get there

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  • Something about... Carson laughing. Something about this man laughing brings me joy. It brings a large smile over to my face as I hear this man just.... ENJOY SHIT. Carson is a puppy in human skin. I’m serious, someone FREE THAT DOG-

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  • Carson is the autistic kid at the zoo you see calling a hippo a giraffe

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  • 7:56 stairway to heaven

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  • Someone at my school unhinged the bathroom stall door and put it in the toilet. 👌🏻

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  • Title: Weird pictures of toilets 3 7,417,946 people: Interesting

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  • He toilet

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  • I got a babe rexha ad on a video about ppl looking at toilets, huh

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  • When you get a manscaped add in the middle of Carson’s dollar shave commercial

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  • Why is Altrive so good at finding weird photos? I don't know wether to be impressed or concerned.

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  • 3:51, the slime has clogged the pipe again

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  • *_carsons voice has entered goat mode_* Gets me every time 😂😂

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  • Where is part 4?

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  • asd

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  • 3:52

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  • watched rear window, had some filler in it like dialogue but other than that it was good.

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  • I guess I’m buying another razor now. You’ve convinced me.

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  • what the fuck is carsons thumb 6:44 Is this how a mf gamer thumb looks like?-

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  • Why do Carson’s videos make me weak in the knees

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  • this is when carson became unfunny

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  • What everyone wants to know is when is weird pictures of toilets IV

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  • 10:10 funny thing-- the first senior prank at my school that i saw (and the only one bc of covid) took place in the bathrooms. all of the seniors filled the toilets with balloons and they would pop when you flushed. the toilets were all closed for the day and the only way you could go was if you were a junior, a senior, or had to leave for an appointment.

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  • 6:11 duck ducks say quack qua-quackity?

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  • I laughed so damn hard on that goat laugh

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  • Simp

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  • I love how unenergetic his sponsor speeches are

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  • callmearsonist

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  • Toilets

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  • imagine walking around the zoo and a famous youtuber walks by repeatedly saying "dollar shave club" over and over again

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  • 1:54 Where does that camera hook up to? And why specifically that ONE stall?

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  • Dude, you look like you're constantly on the verge of tears

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  • Can we get a 4th

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  • so.... i went on the hoverboard, like you told me, in a bathroom stall, i fell, for the memes, i craked my skull open, i came out of hospital a week ago lol

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    • 10/10 story, not a like, a sub

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  • 0:38 this is why you should not vape in school bathrooms. Stay off the drugs, give hugs kids...

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  • My grandparents used to have one lime flavoured and one lemon flavoured bathroom, and I never really thought about it until now

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  • all im going to say is this has 7 million views and has a sponsor

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  • hamon be like: 11:05

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  • is that the new super mario bros cloud world theme?

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  • 3:52

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  • The epic trilogy

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  • i know i'm like.. a year late but uh please don't support zoo's with such small inclosures- that cheeta looked so sad

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  • 2:35

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  • 3:51

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  • 10:40 jawsh is made man and all he did was be dyslexic for 2 seconds

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  • 9:43 best part of the video. you can thank me later

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  • 4:42 when master chief finishes a campaign

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  • -892 56 -589 -873 56 -605

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  • Dollar shave club just paid him to go to the zoo

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  • Who’s watching this on the toilet

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  • i wasn’t ready for goat mode

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  • "They even gave me butt wipes!" *casually continues to the next clip*

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  • it might have been

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  • me googled me found

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  • Is the San Diego Zoo? I recognized parts of it but I'm not sure.

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  • I thought that rhino was going to make a massive dump right in front of them

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  • 7:47 anyone else notice the Mario Bros world 7 music in the background

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  • 8:03 "BRO, YOU BACKED UP!"

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  • That’s a this is a toilet

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  • yo that fucking mii plaza theme brought back some hard nostalgia

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  • I saw Rear Window because my grandma made me watch it. It's bad

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  • please make a part 4 carson please

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  • Lord forgive me for what I’m about to do

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  • 1:11

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  • Ahh!

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  • *Video is about weird toilets* *Gets shave club ad* "Lets go to the zoo"

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  • Ted’s voice sounds like impact font

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  • Im surprised that they made no fortnite jokes when they were talking about shit

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  • 3:52

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  • also a rock

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  • My cat drowned in the toilet

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  • I want to know what people are thinking when they take a picture of these

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  • call me arson....

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  • 1:14 definitely my favourite ted quote

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  • I have a potty mouth lol 😂🤣😅😂

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  • Goat Carson is my favorite character in this anima

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  • i have watched this video at least 5 times in 2 months just to hear ted say "what you guys aren't hedgehogs?"

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  • Part 4 when?

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  • they have a discord of them just sending each other toilets...

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  • Literally toilet humor

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  • I would punt pikachu 8 mile, he would lose himself in the moment never ever let him go.

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  • We need #4

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  • “Senior prank idea you p*ss in the tuba” Me who plays the tuba: I have an idea

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