The Best of Tiktok

4. jan. 2019
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I wanted to revisit tiktok from a different, more positive light but we got a little distracted I think.
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Intro - Delta Rune - Rude Buster
Gummy Bear Song - Holfix - Last Stand
Outro: luvbird - your smile
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The Best of Tiktok - Cursed Tiktok Videos 2

  • Sorry I'm late my I was killing millions with a sphere

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  • Sorry I’m late, I had to pick up & drop off passengers at every stop.

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  • What was the joke, Carson?

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  • Some of these aren't orriginally fuckin tiktoks.

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  • Were’s my car?

    LEGO star wars Indiana JonesLEGO star wars Indiana JonesPred 19 urami
  • 6:35 Dakimakura you fake weeb

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  • Sorry, I'm late, I was walking.

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  • Sorry I’m late, I was beating the shit out of my son.

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  • Sorry I was late I was answering some poor man's question about why everything is dumb and stupid.

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  • Late, Sorry guys. The idiot forgot to buy creamer.

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  • Please let me go back to the good days

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  • He Clearly Likes It!

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  • Sorry I'm late, I had to steal some of DK's bananas again.

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  • Sorry i'm late, had to annihilate Serbian positions in Kalesija, Tuzla, Bosnia. They attacked us first.

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  • 0:24 "Tell em cactus jack sent you"

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    WEEABOO 64WEEABOO 64Pred dnevom
  • Great...I missed the Great war now I missed this!

    Ft RenaultFt RenaultPred dnevom

    PeppuccinoPeppuccinoPred dnevom
  • This is 4 minutes of them trying to complete a joke

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  • 2016 silverado

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  • Sorry I'm late, Claudette was being a bitch on my way here

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  • 6:18 this image never gets old

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  • Sorry im late, wait... im not a car... :(

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  • Sorry I'm late, I was reading all of the comments like this

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  • lmao the second he put that ac unit on i felt a cold blast of air

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  • “The bets of tilt ok” It’s blank

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  • Sorry I’m late I didn’t care to bring a costume.

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  • Well...about that everyone in your comments section being named after cars.

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    • pokekidkantotv disapproves

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  • Sorry I’m late had to start the Black Plague

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  • The comments lol

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  • Sorry I’m late, I was too busy not preparing for the joke

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  • It’s an amber alert right?

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  • 6:10 The second the slap happened I got an ad 😂

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    • You taste funny

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  • anyone know what he uses to record

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  • There's probably more vehicles in this comment section that on the entire fucking world's biggest highway

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  • Sorry in late boys, Michelle just wasn’t hitting the right spots like she used to.

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  • Couldn’t agree with 2016 Silverado more

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  • Nice vid Carson

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  • Sorry I’m late , I keep getting called a boomer when I comment

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  • why did i get a 52 minute add on this video

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  • 8:07 You're welcom.

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    • Thank you.

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  • Ah the old TikTok, before it was full of politics

  • Simp

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  • Sorry i'm late i didn't know about the meme

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  • I miss Carson’s old intros :(

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  • Man we never got a 2020 tiktok vid

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  • I am here exactly on time

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  • The comments are terrifying

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  • i think carson needs to look at the comments on this video from this year

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    • "S O R R Y I ' M L A T E"

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