How to be a Pro Rocket League Player

25. jul. 2016
23 560 Ogledi

I show how to become the greatest rocket league player that has ever lived.
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How to be a Pro Rocket League Player - Rocket league how to

  • roundhouse serpentine made me laugh

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    • hi

      it’s just aidenit’s just aidenPred 2 meseci
    • K S lol

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  • Haha lol

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  • POV: You are here in November 2020 for no reason and its 2 AM

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    • how did you know 😳

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  • How did I show up here

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  • I did NOT like this

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  • cool but when is the next overwatch puns video?

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  • Your really good at rocket league can you carry me I don't know how to higher my dpi

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  • damn

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    • Damn

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  • I am pro now. Thank

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  • Is this sunless khan?

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  • A call me Carson video with 500 likes???

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  • Thank you carson, very nice

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  • Wait untill he finds out about the arial roundhouse serpentine

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  • Thankyou Carson

    YungsusboofboiYungsusboofboiPred mesecem
  • 10/10 would recommend I have now succeeded at being prospect 1.

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  • Thank you!

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  • now that it’s free on epic games i gotta watch this

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  • Hey carson, hows it going

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  • woah

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  • Thanks, helped me alot

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  • thank you call, very cool

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  • God why am I flipping through his old videos

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  • thank you carson

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  • Imagine if an actual pro saw this now... he would be bready to die

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  • First

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  • Wow, This Video Is Very Swag, Good Job Mr.Carson

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  • I just got a pc and have no friends, if you become my friend I will give you all of my shoes. Think about it.

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  • 2020 Covid gang

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  • He could’ve taken off camera shake tho

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  • Why am I here

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  • The right gear is the knee gears

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  • Is this real

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  • Just a PSA to dosent work in real life. I tried to aerial a school bus and I think I hit a couple kids.

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  • You should play rocket league on stream

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  • I have a wireless mouse exactly like that

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  • The frames, Carson, the frames.

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  • It took me a minute to figure out this was carson

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  • E

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  • we found it. 16k views. keep it this way.

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  • just saw this after the 2019/2020 special. boy has a lot happened

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  • Portal boost and the chefs hat are perfect together man you did this video to early

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  • This is my favorite video.

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  • You can literally hear the massive gulp through that gigantic omega sized neck that he wields at the beginning of the video

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  • *left beef gang has entered the chat*

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  • nice video carson

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  • Why does no one talk about FamicomBox?

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  • Didnt know my man was a rl player

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  • Thank you for all you made me learn. Since i saw you are temporally retiring, i wish you the best recover. This Is the only video i hadnt seen, now i can rest in peace, and wait for the legend.

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  • Directions clear, cat stuck in fridge

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  • A call me Carson video with less than 100 comments..

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  • 14k views wtf

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  • nice

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  • Thank you so much carson, i'm finally getting better at the game. The bread helps really good, and randomly going round in a match is something that helps me too. So thank you for this tutorial. P.s. it still WORKS in 2020

    Naiee •Naiee •Pred 10 meseci
  • I was here when this video had 12k views, comment when you got here

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  • The surponteen

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  • Rocket League is a mans game, only the elite understand, don't get why people dislike it

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  • Can you remaster your first video please?

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    • Carson posted a link to a video he privated on his Teletubbies video

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  • this is a treasure

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  • Thank you Carson. This video will help me beat my little brother at rocket league. His name is Daniel and he sucks big ol apples. The video was so epic I had to try out your tips right away and they are so true god true so true. Thank thank you thank you Carson for the pic video

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  • Thank you became the best rocket league player ever

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  • Sign this man to FaZe

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  • Bruh its 2019

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    Username br0keUsername br0kePred letom
    • i was stuck on plat 2 for a bit also. i focus on dribble instead of aerials so once i kinda broke the skill barrier after a while in that category i started winning more. i recommend focusing on only 1 style of play

      7.62 flavors of freedom7.62 flavors of freedomPred 7 meseci
    • DJChad 13579 flex

      Username br0keUsername br0kePred letom
    • I'm stuck on champ 2

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  • Still watch it to this day for many inspiration in my Rocket Leauge career!!! You led me on the path of success :) can you make part 2 sequel!?

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    • Francesco Penguini MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY LMAO

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  • Epic

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  • 2 years later and this is still the best tutorial on SLworlds

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  • Get the bread

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  • Step 2: get that bread

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  • 2:07 get the bread

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    • pog

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  • Hahahahaha I'm grand champ

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