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1. jul. 2017
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For context watch Part 1:
Part 2 of the Carson Trianglehands trilogy
Big thank you to everyone from the discord for helping make this dream a reality.
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  • a sequel to the best movie in history

    welshiewelshiePred 3 leti
    • how am i pinned?

      welshiewelshiePred 3 leti
  • Haha lol

    Jacob GoodwinJacob GoodwinPred 4 dnevi
  • cool but when is the next overwatch puns video?

    ChefSyxOWChefSyxOWPred 11 dnevi
  • This is a hidden Gem

    or klingeror klingerPred mesecem
  • 'twas a different time

    Throathead✔️Throathead✔️Pred mesecem
  • we all needed this

    Parody5GamingParody5GamingPred mesecem
  • Great Video! Good Job Mr.Carson!

    GodGodPred 4 meseci
  • This is the first Carson video on my history, how did I find this?

    Ozzy MacphersonOzzy MacphersonPred 5 meseci
  • Interesting

    IGLIGLPred 6 meseci
  • Carson, where is part 3

    Trash FireTrash FirePred 7 meseci
  • For the cop was that donut operator

    steelrain 814steelrain 814Pred 7 meseci
  • Arson Ing

    Twice DefianceTwice DefiancePred 10 meseci
  • he should probably set the video private because of the swastica, you know, times are different now, then they were then

    Rumo NotnaRumo NotnaPred letom
  • I zoned out in the middle but it still made sense.

    KJKJPred letom
  • The anti-crabby patty

    Matt WolfeMatt WolfePred letom
  • Good

    PikrYTPikrYTPred letom
  • This video needs more traction ASAP

    Timothy LyonsTimothy LyonsPred letom
  • Wholesome.

    Yuri kunYuri kunPred letom
  • Faker then my wigs

    Gay ClownGay ClownPred letom
  • He clearly likes it

    Charlie HeyesCharlie HeyesPred letom
  • This is my favorite video

    Chef BojackChef BojackPred letom
  • Ok

    KyleKylePred letom
  • CallmeArson

    okayvevookayvevoPred letom
  • Arson Carson arson thank you this video was hot and oh god so epic epic so good funny and I do enjoy

    ZimthoseZimthosePred letom

    Lia ÙwÚLia ÙwÚPred letom
  • all of this. ALL OF THIS. for one pun. I only have one thing to say... He clearly likes it!

    Silver LimeSilver LimePred letom
  • Very sad story I’m so sad oh no

    OngoOngoPred letom
  • I remember the fastest man alive

    Just here to comment for you to be in recommendedJust here to comment for you to be in recommendedPred letom
  • i miss this carson

    Coolboy ColbyCoolboy ColbyPred letom
  • Carson. Your the type of idiot I want to be

    Hayden TennoHayden TennoPred letom
  • we need a TRIquel. Tri, as in 3... triangles have.. 3 corners and sides... you.... there your hands... i'm just gonna go glob down some clorox, i can't afford the popular brand called bleach.

    Mint JellyMint JellyPred letom
  • And it's all a dream

    Dwayne The Monkey JohnsonDwayne The Monkey JohnsonPred letom
  • And that’s how the mafia works

    JarckJarckPred letom
  • The secret video

    Matthew KimMatthew KimPred letom
  • was not expecting that ending

    Gregory FergusonGregory FergusonPred letom
  • Dad why did you leave us?

    MikkeMikkePred letom
  • 5:24 is this a fanfiction?

    Izzy P.Izzy P.Pred letom

    Izzy P.Izzy P.Pred letom
  • I have a feeling he waited all video to say, “Does this make me a flaming homosexual.”

    FractureFracturePred letom
  • someone animate this pls

    MaurenMaurenPred 2 leti
  • how does this only have 20k views?

    JumpingJack22JumpingJack22Pred 2 leti
  • 4:40

    Police CarPolice CarPred 2 leti
  • so is carson’s alter ego “fast man” “carson arson”s aka the ‘incinerators’ alter ego? but carson arson is carson triangle hands. so carson triangle hands’ alter ego is carson arson but carson arsons’ alter ego is fast man cause only fast man can run fast. but that means carson, as in callmecarson, is carson trianglehands. because no two people can have the same name. so call me carson, also known as carson is actually carson trianglehands, which isn’t his full name because it’s carson king. so carson trianglehands is callmecarson aka carson kings alter ego. and carson trianglehands’ alter ego is carson arson. and carson arsons alter ego is fast man. but carson, callmecarson, is fast man cause that’s carson’s alter ego. so then callmecarsons alter ego is fast man. fast mans alter ego is carson arson. carson arson was originally carson trianglehands who is callmecarsons alter ego. but wait there’s more. carson arson was also called the incinerator, but he doesn’t like that name so it’s not an alter ego. according to the 69th amendment, if someone disagrees with a name, you can turn it down. which means carson, call me carson, could have decided he doesn’t like his last name, which is why he’s carson trianglehands. but someone found out he changed his name, and they didn’t know about the 69th amendment. that’s why he has the alter ego fast man. and soon he turns to carson arson which is also fast man. clearly fast man is an arsonist. he’s no hero. he’s infecting carson, callmecarson. someone please call the number in your screen. 1800-515-2177 or 1800-man-fast you, yes you, could save a carson. i’m so tired.

    elizerelizerPred 2 leti
    • i called the phone number and my minecraft account got hacked idk how they told me to put my username and password in a voicemail to save carson

      elizerelizerPred letom
    • this is a really funny comment!

      elizerelizerPred letom
  • damb

    MonkeyNamedZamMonkeyNamedZamPred 2 leti
  • Carson is my favourite story time animator

    KyoolKyoolPred 2 leti
  • CallMeArson

    BambamPewpew32BambamPewpew32Pred 2 leti
  • Does anyone notice that swastika in his hair

    Alex HillAlex HillPred 2 leti
  • I read the title as CallMeArson

    VipVapVipVapPred 2 leti
  • Still a better love story then twilight.

    japanese toiletjapanese toiletPred 2 leti
  • f l a m i n g h o m o s e x u a l

    Alan ZhengAlan ZhengPred 2 leti

    Adam BAdam BPred 2 leti
  • Are you fucking kidding me

    soothsayersoothsayerPred 2 leti
  • I could listen to you talk about nothing for hours

    The Big WumpusThe Big WumpusPred 2 leti
  • What is this? Are you okay? Are super powers really a thing?

    Booty MuncherBooty MuncherPred 2 leti
  • I don't know what I would choose to watch. This video or Shrek. Seriously help I don't know and I'm scared how can I possibly choose one over the other help

    Braden WBraden WPred 2 leti
    • Braden W this

      Trinidy JTrinidy JPred 2 leti
  • music?

    ColorColorPred 2 leti
  • song?

    Martin HoangMartin HoangPred 2 leti
  • 4:05 The Building Shapes Like LOL

    PinheadPinheadPred 2 leti
  • What the fuck is this video

    WailerWailerPred 2 leti
  • I regret everything

    KronaKronaPred 2 leti
  • ttfaf ftw

    Damian CadyDamian CadyPred 2 leti
  • Star shrek xd

    xd Nightfall.xd Nightfall.Pred 2 leti
  • “I took a sit”

    thelilpattythelilpattyPred 2 leti
  • alright so I never knew there was a part two. I regret finding out there was a part two.

    Thomas ArmstrongThomas ArmstrongPred 2 leti
  • wtf

    Keanon JessupKeanon JessupPred 2 leti
  • Have I been fed LSD?

    OOStevOOStevPred 2 leti

    Mac McdoverMac McdoverPred 2 leti
  • Where the fuck were you at when they made Teen Titans Go!?!?! We needed this guy when they animated that shit

    The Toasted Butter GamingThe Toasted Butter GamingPred 2 leti
  • CallMeArson

    M4RC0 GNZLZM4RC0 GNZLZPred 2 leti
  • Loving the Swastika in your hair at 2:46 Really inspires me to do things...

    Yucky FilouYucky FilouPred 2 leti
  • beautiful. absolutely beautiful. 10/10 on rotten tomatoes

    JokeslyJokeslyPred 2 leti
  • No one cares lol

    • Noodle •• Noodle •Pred 3 leti
  • Actually playing through the fire and the flames, love you daddy Carson

    Eigil HolmEigil HolmPred 3 leti
  • Why did you set Ralph on fire :(

    mrepicchickenmanmrepicchickenmanPred 3 leti
  • I will now be writing fan fic of raccoon eggs x Carson arson

    Galaxy ShibeGalaxy ShibePred 3 leti

    ApeGamingApeGamingPred 3 leti
    • he showed you guys "his social security number"

      ApeGamingApeGamingPred 3 leti
    • CallMeCarson i have been noticed

      ApeGamingApeGamingPred 3 leti
    • Massimovs 1

      CallMeCarsonCallMeCarsonPred 3 leti
  • Was this just a big pun?

    Carson KilgoreCarson KilgorePred 3 leti
  • Carson King, the Emmy-nominated director now releases the highly-anticipated second installment of the NYT bestselling-trilogy 'Carson Trianglehands'

    Ryan JonesRyan JonesPred 3 leti
  • triangle hands ps is this like something you did on drugs

    T CT CPred 3 leti
  • The sequel to my favourite video xd

    Samuel KnightSamuel KnightPred 3 leti
  • thanks I cume pant

    C FiloruxC FiloruxPred 3 leti
    • excellent.

      WeekenddrewWeekenddrewPred 3 leti
  • first time one of his videos actally makes sense

    Benedikt SlabýBenedikt SlabýPred 3 leti
  • Why do I watch your content

    forestforestPred 3 leti
  • 5:56 of my time for a god damn *PUN*

    ya boi joeya boi joePred 3 leti
    • PC Gaming

      BambamPewpew32BambamPewpew32Pred 2 leti
  • Subscribe to Call Me Carson

    Subscribe to Call Me CarsonSubscribe to Call Me CarsonPred 3 leti
  • it might be fake

    Adam SharpAdam SharpPred 3 leti
    • Pinhead r/wooosh

      ratratPred 2 leti
    • Adam Sharp he made up the story as a joke its not real lol

      PinheadPinheadPred 2 leti
    • it's REAL

      CallMeCarsonCallMeCarsonPred 3 leti
  • The beauty of this made me shed tears of joy

    Corn_4Corn_4Pred 3 leti
  • Carson is like teletubby dad

    kweekweePred 3 leti
  • Callmecarson? More like callmearson!

    LangutopLangutopPred 3 leti
  • I'm physically bleeding of laughter

    RaccoonEggsRaccoonEggsPred 3 leti
    • ok

      ᪶ ᪶᪶ ᪶Pred letom
    • Why is there only 5 replies

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    • Sup nigga

      Broly UchihaBroly UchihaPred 2 leti
    • wait-

      NaBNaBPred 2 leti
    • OMG RACCOON You suck 😀

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  • Nice Meme

    Dominic DelausDominic DelausPred 3 leti
  • No homo.

    FearTheSwarmFearTheSwarmPred 3 leti
  • I took a sit.

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  • I'm hard.

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  • Perfect sequels dont exi-

    MuskMuskPred 3 leti
  • You have great nostrils.

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  • k

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  • "Burguhs" Quick question how high were u when u made this

    MuskMuskPred 3 leti

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  • in B4 it becomes a meme

    JRHopeJRHopePred 3 leti
    • JRHope this aged well

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